Tobago is the trailer to the correspondent German board game by the Zoch GmbH.

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Sound Design, Sound Editing, Mastering:
Instant Records Ton & Medienkonzept GmbH

Music & Sound Design: Martin Klappacher

The Game

Tobago transports the players to a completely new island world of hidden treasures! The players possess tattered treasure map fragments that they reassemble to find out the secret locations of the treasures. In doing so, the possible treasure sites are narrowed down more and more until the hiding place is determined. Whoever is the first to arrive there with their all-terrain vehicle digs up the treasure and distributes the gold pieces. But be careful; some treasures are cursed. Fortunate are the players who thought of the protection amulet in time…

Tobago is a new game adventure in a mysterious, undiscovered island world. Time and again, the players discover new hidden treasures with maps they create themselves using their treasure map fragments. With its innovative game board, “Tobago” provides the players up to 32 island worlds. Each game is different!