future.talk 2012

future.talk 2012 Webcast

A recording of the webcast of the future.talk 2012 held in the Spanish Riding School in Vienna, Austria.

Jared Cohen – 0:13:48
Slavoj Žižek – 0:26:02
Eli Pariser – 0:45:41
Discussion – 0:57:04

The Speakers

Jared Cohen
Director of “Google Ideas”, the Google think tank on the technology-based solution to global challenges, and author of controversial and politically sensitive books. After a number of assignments with the US Department of State, where he worked with C. Rice and H. Clinton, Jared Cohen began focusing on developments in the Middle and Far East, as well as on the political and social implications of digital networks. Notable media rank him among the most influential Americans of his time. Currently, he is working with Google chairman Eric Schmidt on his new book.

Slavoj Žižek
One of the most dazzling figures of contemporary philosophy and psychoanalysis. Žižek’s research ranges from pop culture and political provincialism to the social analysis of big Hollywood blockbusters. In addition to guest professorships at renowned universities, he tirelessly publishes bestsellers such as “A Plea for Intolerance” or “Welcome in the Desert of Real”.

Eli Pariser
Board President of the organization MoveOn.org, with which he started a major hype in the online protest movement, raises the issue of the monopoly position of search engines and selective and intransparent information processing mechanisms on the Internet. His book “The Filter Bubble” brought him great recognition as a campaigner against the disablement of the user in the World Wide Web.

Thanks to the Telekom Austria Group for the great event!