Royal to the Royal

Royal to the Royal

Royal to the Royal is a one minute filmlet directed and produced by Veree Lynn Puhm and Martin Kenzel. It is a commercial for a Bavarian beer brand and was entered at the König Ludwig Trophy in Munich.

Music, Sound Design & Sound Editing:
Martin Klappacher


A young prince is going to become the new king in a far away country. Before he is allowed to accede to the throne, he has to meet a final challenge, in which he has to show royal style. Three nights he has to sleep on a pile of matresses. Every night a bottle of beer is shoved between the mattresses. The first two nights he cannot sleep. In the third night a “König Ludwig” bottle of beer is shoved between the matresses and the prince sleeps like a baby. On the next day he has to tell the courtiers in which night he slept best. He says, in the 3rd night. And that’s the right answer. He has shown royal sensitivity and therefore becomes king.


The König Ludwig GmbH & Co. KG Schlossbrauerei Kaltenberg is a brewery with headquarters located in Fürstenfeldbruck in Upper Bavaria. Their slogan, “Bier von königlicher Hoheit,” or “Beer of royal highness,” refers to the brewery’s heritage which can be traced back through the Kingdom of Bavaria. The current proprietor, Prince Luitpold of the House of Wittelsbach, is the great-grandson of the last King of Bavaria, Ludwig III.

The House of Wittelsbach began the first brewery in 1260. 32 years later, Herzog Rudolf built the Schloss Kaltenberg, which houses a part of the brewery’s facilities today. The brewery as it exists today was opened in 1870. As of 2004, production was up to 340,000 hectoliters annually, of which only 100,000 are produced at Schloss Kaltenberg.